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Substantial Profitability thru Trading

Coincrest’s team has devised a unique trading strategy that has produce high-yield results in as short as 3 months. We harvested large amount of data from the world’s largest exchanges, wallets, and unique local markets by trading volume, from February 2014 to present and loaded the data into a multi-temporal model we have developed. The trading strategy developed from the data has produced highly lucrative results. The average trader invested makes typically over 2,000 trades in accounts held with us. The total cumulative profit even surpasses the equity increase BTC has seen over the past few years. Additionally, the trading strategy produced the greatest profits when volatility was high and was still profitable when the price declined steadily. If you need your account immediately, CoinCrest is the best choice as there is no waiting period to take advantage of our services. At CoinCrest we pride ourselves on being responsive to the investors and that includes help with speedy withdrawal of funds when you need them.


You can trade yourself, or work in an education package with one of our brokers. Otherwise, for the hands-free investor, try our Fully Managed Bitcoin Account, or even are more passive arbitrage units. Whichever strategy and trading vehicle you decide to use our experienced brokers will be there when you need their help. And for the average day trader, we can too can help. For any business looking to accept Bitcoin’s or Alt-coins, or people simply looking to buy and sell, our ancillary services can provide great services for you.