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Question & Answers

1 What is CoinCrest?

Coin Crest is a trading brokerage that deals only in Crypto Currencies the main one being Bitcoin. You can buy and sell Crypto Currencies or use them to trade in various modalities to attain the highest return on your capital investment.

2 Do I have to own Bitcoin or other Crypto Currency to Invest?

No, you do not. We accept investment in Crypto Currency or USD, GBP or Euro. If you invest in one of the traditional currencies we will buy the most Bitcoin that we can at the best possible price for your account.

3 What is an Arbitrage Unit??

An Arbitrage Unit is an investment vehicle that is made up of a pool of funds collected for the purpose to invest in market instruments or similar assets. In these available units, it’s common to invest across Mining arbitrages, an array of markets to liquidate or purchase crypto-currencies, and to be able to do so in an attempt to produce capital gains and income for the fund’s investors. In other words, an arbitrage unit uses the power of multiple investors to maximize the security, and maintain the growth potential

4 What is a Bitcoin Managed account?

A Managed Account is an individual account for an individual investor who wants to grow capital in the exciting Crypto Currency markets but does not have the time to sit in front of a computer screen for hours on end. A Bitcoin Managed Account is managed in all respects for the investor so he or she does not have to take any active role in growing invested capital at all.

5 How can I deposit?

Crypto Currency is typically only purchased with Cash, or Bank wire; we do allow purchase with a credit card, however limitations may apply. For AML (Anti Money Laundering) reasons we do not accept cash so you would have to invest by bank wire transfer in one of the three traditional currencies of USD, GBP or Euro or you may deposit using your Bitcoin wallet if you have one.

6 How can I withdraw?

Whenever you are eligible for a withdrawal you go into your account and request one. It is that simple. We will send you your money either by bank wire or by Bitcoin Wallet depending on your preferred method.

7 Are there any fees?

Yes there are. Unlike other forms of trading that do not disclose that you are trading against them here like any traditional broker you are trading against the markets. So in order to make money for the services we offer, we do charge fees, and of the fees we charge, a certain proportion are sent to third party companies that do the trading of the Managed Accounts, or Arbitrage Units. The following are the fees and commissions that we charge:

i. Biannual Management Fee – 3.25% per 6 months
ii. Quarterly Trading Commission – 3.50% of trade volume for the quarter
iii. Benchmark Fee – 30%
iv. Early Withdrawal Fee – 25%

8 Are there minimum times that I have to leave my capital in a trading account?

Yes there are BUT you can withdraw early if you need to with an early withdrawal fee and the accounts are setup for you to be able to withdraw some or all of your profits or dividends depending on the type of account after a period that the account has been trading. Here is the schedule:

i. Fully Managed Bitcoin Account – 1 year minimum with portions of profit withdrawal allowed after 4 months. The percentage of profit withdrawal allowed will be dependent on the class of account.

9 What is a “Benchmark fee?

When your account is setup along with your broker a benchmark, or target profit will be set. Once your account hits that mark, the benchmark or target profit then the fee is assessed. If for some reason your account does not hit the target, then you do not pay the fee.

10 Do I need to have any prior knowledge about trading to use a 3rd Party Trading Company?

You do not need any prior knowledge about trading Crypto Currencies, which Bitcoin is the most widely used to use an outside trading company. It is enough for you to set up the risk level that you are willing to take in order to have best trading results with the money you are ready to invest.

11 Do I need do download any software to use a trading company?

Simple Answer – No! You don’t need to download any software to use the services. The only thing you need is an Internet connection when setting up your account. After that the 3rd party company is trading and making profits without requiring any kind of assistance from your side.

12 How many trades are there per month?

This depends on your risk/reward tolerance and the market conditions. It’s different for each risk-profile, but on average it can be 100 – 400 trades per month.

13 Which browsers are compatible with this system?

Our system needs a web browser that is compatible with the latest technologies. We recommend Google Chrome, Firefox 3(or higher), Safari and Internet Explorer 10(or higher).

14 What is the best investment to start with?

Most of the brokers set the minimum investment position to 25 USD/GBP/Euro. Sometimes, the system may open multiple overlapped positions. This is why there is a minimum investment level so that you have enough capital in your CoinCrest account for the selected 3rd party company to trade effectively for you. They do not work with clients that invest less than the USD equivalent of 30 BTC as an initial investment. This allows the robot or human traders to have long and short term positive performances. For serious investors, we recommend a starting investment above the minimum level from about 75 BTC and above. This allows the system to take advantage of every good profit potential opportunity.