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Schedule of Fees

When you trade with us or through one of the third party trading companies that we allow to trade for our clients, you are trading against the markets so we do not have any self interest in the outcome of the trades. Our only interest if for you the client to grow your capital as much as possible.

The way we earn money is by charging very reasonable fees & commissions. Please note that part of the fees and commissions that we collect from you go to the third party companies that do the actual trading for you. With the explosive growth potential in Crypto Currency trading you the investor and we the broker will both earn good money.

The Following is the table of the fees and or commissions that we charge:

  • Biannual Management Fee – 3.25% per 6 months
  • Quarterly Trading Commission – 3.50% of trade volume for the quarter
  • Commission on buying or selling BTC – 1.5%
  • Benchmark* Fee – 30%
  • Early Withdrawal Fee – 25%
  • Using us an Exchange to convert BTC - Currency or Currency to BTC
    for direct withdrawal - 25% commission
  • Withdrawal with no trading: Non-trading service fee: $35.00 or 17.5% whichever is greater.

* Benchmark Fee: Your broker will set a benchmark or target profit, if we hit or exceed
that level the fee applies, if we do not hit or exceed the benchmark then there is no fee assessed.