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Bitcoin $800 Price Alert As Pro-EU Italian Prime Minister Resigns After Referendum

Those of you who are Bitcoin veterans know that political upheaval, economic turmoil and general uncertainty in the global markets are great for the value of Bitcoin in the immediate future. For those that are new to the Bitcoin community, welcome to “upward volatility” as Bitcoin is expected to see a very positive week after the changes made in the Eurozone on Sunday.

The EU continues to show a combination of populist anger and an overall pivot away from the globalist EU governance model as Austrian and Italian voters demand changes that should help Bitcoin close the year on a high note.

In Italy, Prime Minister Matteo Renzi was forced to concede defeat to the voter referendum of “no.” Exit polls showed massive dissension from his position and a “landslide” in some areas against him. No more than ninety minutes after the polls closed in Rome did he see the writing on the wall and offer his concession statements.

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