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Managed Accounts

Not every Investor has the time to sit at a computer and trade every day or to take the time that is required to follow, study and make the informed choices that are needed to be a successful trader. The solution that we offer for that is a Bitcoin Managed Account. There are two main kinds of Bitcoin Managed Accounts:

Traditional Managed Account

This works like a traditional managed account where your money is into markets and traded conservatively to attain slow steady growth in the fund. The minimum investment required to join a traditional managed is an entry level 20,000.00 or roughly the Bitcoin equivalent and the investment must stay in the fund for 2 years before withdrawal of principal. After 4 months if you wish, you may start to withdraw dividends. Based on our previous performance, profits tend to depend greatly on the personalized risk profile set on the account. It is important to note that more capital generated in the account, allows for further market diversification; allowing us more opportunity for both growth and profits.

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Diverse Arbitrage Managed Account

These are accounts that have an entry level investment of 50,000.00 in them, or roughly 150 Bitcoins. There is a 1 year time requirement for the account to be traded before withdrawal of principal but after 4 months you may start to get partial profit withdrawal, the percentage of profit depends on the type of managed account you have. The account is managed by an individual broker who works with analysts and our top level traders. Your account is traded as an individual account and profit potential is the highest in these accounts. The accounts have typically offer the highest profit generation as it offers faster growth by utilizing an advantageous number of market places and variant crypto prices.

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