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About CoinCrest

Your challenge is our progress

CoinCrest was founded by people who have over 75 years of Wall Street experience between them who are leading market professionals, along with high-end business personnel, in an effort to develop the world’s most lucrative BitCoin trading environment. Our team has a diverse background in investment banking, coding and engineering.

The company was established to be the first and best Bitcoin trading brokerage anywhere. Our aim is simple: To help our investors make good profits using the future of currency as a vehicle – BITCOIN. We connect Bitcoin with all of the global markets. Our philosophy: Continual improvement of our trading platform and top tier service security, while offering the highest quality customer support.

The founders of the brokerage have used their vast network of contacts that they have built over the years working in the markets to recruit the best and most experienced brokers, traders and analysts that they can find. When you invest, all of that combined experience is put to work for you.


Our commitment to you is that we put ourselves under the strict obligation to provide our traders and partners with the maximum satisfaction and best trading conditions in the Bitcoin industry. This is both a promise and an obligation!


We strive to provide the best services and trading conditions available, and we always welcome your suggestions. Our goal is to become a leading Crypto Currency broker, offering best trading conditions to our clients and partners in Bitcoin and Crypto Currency Trading.


Everyone at CoinCrest has one aim: To make profits and grow capital for our investors. There are reasons that we have the minimum investment level set at 10,000.00:

  1. This allows you to commence with approximately 30 Bitcoins in order to start with decent financial flexibility.
  2. You have enough capital to immediately start profiting which will help your initial capital growth period.

Between our proprietary CoinCrest and third-party strategies, systems and trading signals, we are confident we have found the best resources possible for our investors. We want our investors to have whatever tools that work to increase their profits and that is why we offer a number of options from Mutual Funds to CryptoCurrency Trading. When we find something that works and works well, and then we will allow a connection between the tool and our brokerage. Our interest is for you the investor to have the best tools, no matter whether they are ours or other companies.

Extremely Modern Trading platform:

Our WEB-based trading platform is easy to use and yet powerful. We are constantly implementing new features. Forget about annoying updates, it just works! Say goodbye to lag, because our platform runs on financial-institution grade hardware that can deliver quick trade execution and fluid experience even on high-volatility days.

Long/Short & dynamic Leverages:

If you think that Apple Inc. has a bad/bright future? Use CoinCrest to convert your knowledge into profits. Earn money with rising and falling prices. With the help of our dynamic leverages you can even determine the amount of risk you want to take.

Forget about Bitcoin exchange rates:

All of our trades are settled in Bitcoin. This means that your positions do not lose value with a volatile Bitcoin exchange rate or weakening traditional currencies. You will profit and trade in Bitcoin and avoid unforeseeable devaluations in traditional currencies.

The company is based in London, UK, where financial trust meets technological innovation, putting us in the middle of a very vibrant financial hub. Our team has a diverse background in investment banking, coding and engineering. We all share a passion for Bitcoin. The United Kingdom offers favorable regulation and a thriving financial technology industry. We see London, in particular, as a future Bitcoin hub.

We use fully redundant power and network backbones to ensure 99.99% uptime. We perform nightly third-party security audits, frequent & encrypted back-ups, and follow a comprehensive disaster recovery plan. The CoinCrest team has taken every precaution to earn your trust and ensure that your Bitcoins and profits are always safe

The CoinCrest team has taken every precaution to earn your trust and ensure that your Bitcoins and profits are always safe. We are always looking for better vehicles and strategies for our investors to use to make their capital grow and as we find, test and vet new methodologies if they meet the extremely high standards that we demand then they will be offered to you the investor. It is a very small number that makes it through the vigorous and exacting process that we use to prove new vehicles and strategies so we make sure that only the finest make it through the process.

Bitcoin has experienced exponential growth year to year making it a new and exciting vehicle to grow capital. Like anything connected to the markets there is risk but that is why we have chosen to offer trading with CryptoCurrency. From their introduction they have only gained value and as more and more savvy investors gravitate toward them as investment vehicles that trajectory will only increase.